Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (130 Shell) Review!


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Hey everyone!! Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. School has been pretty rough on me this semester… I’ve had Nearly Naked since Christmas break, so I’ve had it long enough to form some real opinons on this one. I’m in the shade 130 Shell. My opinions of this foundation change somewhat when you use it with the Nearly Naked Powder, which I will try to get a review on out soon. I’ll post the link here when I get it.
This foundation being a “Nearly Naked” foundation is a light to medium coverage (it’s definitely buildable). If you have mostly problem free skin and your looking for a foundation that feels light on the skin, then this foundation will definitely do the job of evening out your skin without giving you that cakey feeling. If your more prone to acne, then you’re definitely going to need to use a concealer. (If you’re looking for a more full coverage, you can use the Nearly Naked as your setting powder and you’ll come pretty close. But I’ll talk more about that in my review of it!)


Find the rest of the post here: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (130 Shell) Review!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playing with My New Brushes!

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I just got my new Vortex brush set from Sedona Lace last week (which hopefully I will do a review on, sometime in the future...), and so I thought I'd have some fun and do my fabulous friend's makeup!  Looks gorgeous on her, don't you think?!

And in case you were wondering... she is a natural red head! I'm soo jealous!